Betrayal Trauma Therapy in Issaquah – How to Start the Healing Process

If a loved one has ever broken your trust, you will understand the sting that betrayal can leave behind. In some cases, it is, however, not just a sting but can cause a long-lasting trauma. The betrayal trauma can affect you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In most cases, you will need therapy to deal with […]

Trauma Counseling Help Near Me in Issaquah – Learn to Talk!

Betrayal is and feels personal. If you are in the shoes of the one that was betrayed, you can not walk away from the betrayal without impacting you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are dealing with trauma, something that you can not cope with on your own. We want to set your mind at ease; […]

Treating Trauma From Sexual Betrayal in Washington – A Partner’s Perspective

A lot of focus is given to patients suffering from addiction, be it sexual or substance; one might sometimes wonder who is focusing on the loved ones of these patients? Who is treating the partner’s trauma from sexual betrayal? At Sage Counseling and Coaching, we help our sexual abuse and substance abuse patients. We determine […]

Trauma Counseling Near Me in Issaquah

Trauma can be defined as a “severe emotional shock and pain caused by an extremely upsetting experience.” In most instances, it is not possible to cope with this trauma on your own. If you are doing a Google search for trauma counseling near me in Issaquah, look no further than Sage Counseling and Coaching. In […]

Betrayal Trauma Counseling in Washington – Learning How to Cope

If you have been cheated on, you might wonder how to get over your betrayal trauma. Perhaps you might think that you are the one at fault, leading to ultimately isolating yourself from everyone. Not to worry, there are ways that you can cope, for instance, by seeking betrayal trauma counseling in Washington. Betrayal impacts […]

Betrayal Trauma Recovery in Washington – Coping After an Affair

If you are in a situation where your partner cheated on you, it will feel personal. You will feel betrayed and the betrayal that you are feeling could have a severe impact on your life. If this happens, you may need to seek help for betrayal trauma recovery in Washington. The feeling of betrayal impacts […]