If you have been cheated on, you might wonder how to get over your betrayal trauma. Perhaps you might think that you are the one at fault, leading to ultimately isolating yourself from everyone. Not to worry, there are ways that you can cope, for instance, by seeking betrayal trauma counseling in Washington.

Betrayal impacts every aspect of your life; it impacts how you see yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The trauma left behind after a betrayal can leave you feeling as if you can not go on with your day.

We at Sage Counseling and Coaching want to tell you that you are not alone when you ask how to get over betrayal trauma? We are experts located in Washington that are ready to assist you!


Betrayal Trauma Counseling in Washington – How To Get Over Betrayal Trauma?

If you have spent months or even years in a relationship and then finding out that the person that you trusted the most, that you loved, betrayed you, you will need to approach your healing process logically rather than emotionally. In making use of a checklist, you can attempt to keep yourself emotionally safe before seeking betrayal trauma counseling in Washington.

Find A Safe Person

You will have to find a safe person to talk to, someone that will listen and understand without judgment. Someone that will make you feel safe. If you live in Washington, please drop by our offices for an appointment. We will always listen. If you are located outside of Washington, we can help you with online consultation. The important fact is that you need someone to talk to.

Have A Daily Plan

Make your own little checklist of things that you need to get done in your day. Start ticking off one thing at a time; it helps to tick off the small, easy things first. That way, you will feel that you have accomplished something, and the rest will be easier. Remember to care for yourself; you are in the process of healing; it will take time.

Establish A Support Network

Other than your safe person, you will need a network of people supporting you. Look at friends, family, and professionals. These people are there to carry you in the times where it doesn’t feel as if you can go on yourself.

Stop Trying To Understand Your Partners Behaviors

Let’s start by saying you are not at fault. Stop trying to understand why your partner cheated on you. Finding the why is not going to help you heal from the trauma. Focus your energy on moving forward, moving towards healing.


Betrayal Trauma Counseling in Washington – We can Help You Start Your Journey

Getting over the trauma of betrayal is a journey; it is a process that takes time. You can not heal in a day. It is a long road of rebuilding a trust that was broken. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to heal. Set clear boundaries for your partner; these boundaries should be set in place to work towards your emotional safety.

Start slow and remember that you are not alone; For information on betrayal trauma counseling in Washington, remember – we are just a phone call away.