Dry January? What is it, and Does it Work?

Have you heard of Dry January? The New Year has brought new resolutions like ditching booze. Alcohol is the primary cause of many diseases, and many people have died from alcohol addiction as well as from drunk driving. Thus, many organizations have taken the bait in the UK and the US to reduce alcohol consumption. So what is dry January, and does it work? Read on!

Dry January is happening in the UK and the US as a campaign for Alcohol Change. In addition, charity events such as Dryathlon award people that finish Dry January. The campaign has been ongoing for a while, and studies have shown a drastic reduction in alcohol consumption because of the benefits of Dry January. The event will create awareness for people to ditch alcohol for the month to see the benefits. In addition, some charities fund the events and are ready to reward and unite those who participated fully in the campaign.

Benefits of a Dry January

  1. On the inside

Suppose you don’t take alcohol for a month. In that case, the Royal Free Hospital tells us in the British Medical Journal 2018 that such a person will experience reduced blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes, and lower cholesterol levels.

  1. Long-term change

Dry January is the beginning. Afterward, the magic begins as you drink healthily. The University of Sussex researched and found that more than 70% of participants were drinking healthily using the Dry app or coaching emails after the event. In addition, they show improvement in well-being and other aspects of life. The magic is that after abstaining for 31 days, you won’t need to use alcohol to have fun or relax. In addition, you learn to manage your drinking habit and make better drinking decisions all year round.

  1. You might sleep better and feel more energized.

People who participated in Dry January experienced more sleep and increased energy levels leading to positive impacts. The absence also clears your head, leading to better sleep and improved digestion. In addition, the impact increases energy and motivation, leading to more workouts and healthy eating habits. Improve sleep by not drinking all night and skipping workouts or meals. These actions impact your production, focus, and overall health.

  1. Your immune system may be in better shape.

The immune system is vulnerable to excess drinking, according to the NIAAA. In alcohol intoxication, the toxin suppresses the immune system and allows pathogens to enter the organs leading to inflammation. Even a night of excess drinking can suppress the function of fighting infections for 24 hours or more. In essence, avoiding alcohol helps your immune system remain functioning, preventing diseases from entering the body. In addition, you’ll also experience perfect breathing and heartbeat.

Bottom line:

The fact is participating in Dry January has many benefits and won’t cause you any harm. First, the action will help reverse your relationship with alcohol. After the exercise, resuming your regular drinking lifestyle will be challenging leading to healthy drinking and a clear head. However, the final advice is to be a moderate drinker rather than going excessively.

If You Have a Serious Problem with Alcoholism or Addiction,  Professional Help is Available:

Of course, Dry January is for those that are moderate or even heavy drinkers, Not alcoholics or addicts. Alcoholism and Addiction are serious diseases and for someone suffering from alcoholism or addiction, Dry January is not going to help. If you or a family has a serious problem with alcohol or drug addiction contact Sage Counseling and Coaching for answers to your questions about alcoholism, and addiction treatment, addiction intervention and recovery coaching.

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