Is 2023 Your Year to Get Sober?

The New year has put a question in many people’s minds; is 2023 my year to get sober? This article has the best way to get there. The journey is not easy, although similar to others. However, 2023 is the perfect year to get sober, starting from Dry January.

Why 2023 Is the Time to Get Sober

  1. There’s New Technology in 2023

It may be hard to find a supportive community in the past few years, but that is about to change. There are many ways to get to your type of community like online communities like Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery via online meetings via Zoom, online coachings like BetterHelp (paid) or SMART Recovery’s volunteer coaches, and online therapy like Talkspace and BetterHelp (paid). If you live in Washington, Alaska or Hawaii you can contact Sage Counseling & Coaching (Paid) for Alcohol and drug addiction recovery services such as addiction intervention, recovery coaching and substance abuse treatment. Alcohol is expensive, especially when you have a tolerance for it. You’ll be able to focus on your career and savings in 2023 by getting sober. In addition, you’ll make better decisions with money with a motivated desire to work hard to make every minute count. In addition, you’ll find more meaning in your work and have sufficient money to pay rent, buy groceries and help family members.

  1. You Can Access Rehab via Telemedicine

The year 2023 has many telemedicine channels to reach a healthcare professional remotely. Telemedicine is a digital interaction between you and a healthcare provider from your home. They help you skip the trip for an appointment. The year 2023 has much telemedicine, like live video with your computer or mobile devices and remote patient monitoring for monitoring patient’s health while admitted at home. Healthcare providers use vital signs transmitted by the device to evaluate the patient electronically.

  1. Physical and mental health

Being sober in 2023 will reduce hangovers or painful withdrawal symptoms. Sobriety helps your body recover faster by removing the substance and healing damages. In turn, you’ll have more energy increasing your productivity all year round. Therefore, you’ll experience physical differences in your skin, eyes, and hair growth. You’ll also experience a healthy appetite with much sleep.

Furthermore, you’ll experience mental clarity leading to self-confidence, self-worth, and improved mood. Sobriety is the first step to dealing with mental health issues. Most people start using it instead of avoiding it. The feeling leads to depression, grief, stress, and anxiety. These illnesses also worsen with alcohol use making it hard to make mental decisions. Sobriety is the first step to eliminating these factors to help separate substance abuse from mental health problems.

  1. Sense of meaning and purpose.

Starting your sobriety journey in 2023 by loving others in your life. If you feel you don’t have a purpose and are wondering how to get through the day, start with sobriety. Many people may turn to alcohol, but conversely, you should avoid it because the solution is temporary. Using alcohol will make it hard to break free, leading to a cycle of bad behavior.

Furthermore, getting sober helps you control your life. For example, the time you spend drinking can be used for other productive things like people, activities, and things that bring joy. You can also make future plans like going to college, achieving your career, or even getting married. In essence, removing alcohol increases your productivity, motivation, and meaning.

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