How to Know You Need a Recovery Coach?

Trying to recover from addiction or a traumatic event is challenging. But, for many, the help of a recovery coach is the fastest instrument to remain fun in sobriety. A recovery coach helps them stay on track as they juggle thrown responsibilities of dealing with mental illness.

Here are some reasons you may need a recovery coach.

  1. Stopping all recovery-related activities

A common problem with recovery is stopping to adhere to the activities. Most people begin to miss peer support meetings by creating excuses, saying they hate the meeting or that someone is annoying. Some go as far as lying about their recovery process to avoid activities. This is the time to hire a recovery coach. Meetings are the lifeline of the process, and a coach can help you remain accountable. Another reason for stopping is recovery burnout. Some people resent the gathering after attending for a while. However, you can take a short break but remain healthy by seeking support. You can also use the break to reevaluate your recovery process with the coach.

  1. Glamorizing the old using days

Sometimes, you may start reminiscing about the good times you had while using. You might start admiring the days you were involved in the rituals, i.e., buying, using, or selling. During such thoughts, the recovery coach is someone to run to. They will remind you of the consequences of the substance and the reasons you’re in recovery. They will also put things in perspective, helping you stay clean and sober.

  1. Acting your old way

When you see yourself returning to the old attitude of greed and selfishness, it is time for a recovery coach. You may start acting the same way you did when using it, like a sudden change in attitude, staying in isolation, overreacting, or making things personal. It is a sign if you aim to work on these behaviors and see them appearing. These behaviors are triggers to reusing the substance. A recovery coach is the proper person to assist you through this process. They will keep you in line while rewiring your brain.

  1. Maybe one won’t hurt

Some people may be tempted to use it just one time. The thought is an obvious sign that you need a recovery coach. Unfortunately, the sign may lead to your relapse. The coach will remind you of the consequences of using the substance and how relapse may worsen the situation. Remember that most people who relapse continue from where they stopped. It may take some time, but you may rapidly return to the bad days.

  1. You are lying to your counselor or therapist

Recovery is a time to be honest to your helper, but when you start getting the feeling of lying, it is a sign to reach out to a recovery coach. You may start lying about your emotional or psychological status, which are major concerns in recovery. The process may make you depressed and anxious but remember that you’re not a failure from using substances. A recovery coach will help you remain honest in your treatment to speed up the recovery process.

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