Are you looking for a fresh start in 2021 and are searching for addiction treatment near me in Issaquah , then look no further. We at Sage Counseling and Coaching wants to help you on your journey into 2021. Do not let your fresh start just be a New Year’s resolution; start actively working towards beating your addiction.

Addiction is a brain disorder that is characterized by a compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite the consequences. Your brain is basically disrupted in the region responsible for reward, motivation, learning, judgment, and memory. The question: what addiction treatment can you offer near me in Issaquah to give me a fresh start in 2021? could be running through your mind.

At Sage Counseling and Coaching, we use treatments that have been proven to be successful in the treatment of addictions. Some of these vital treatments are:

Before we can start with the addiction, there are a few things that need to happen.

The First Steps In Addiction Treatment Near Me In Issaquah


The first step in treating addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Until you realize that you have a problem and want to do something about it, no treatment will work. It is a hard journey, and you will probably want to give up multiple times while on the journey, but if you want a fresh start in 2021, this is your first step.

So how do I know if I actually do have a substance abuse problem? Let’s define a substance use disorder for you to help guide you. Substance use disorder occurs when a person’s use of alcohol or another substance leads to health issues or problems at work, school, or home. If you can relate to this statement, then you are most likely abusing a substance. There is a list of 11 questions that you can ask yourself to find out if you should perhaps seek help.

Next Steps Towards Your Fresh Start

At this point, you have discovered that you are struggling with an addiction problem, and you have decided that you want help. You want someone to assist you with treating your addiction, then this is a great day. This is the beginning of your fresh start. Give us a call, we are just a phone call away, and we want to celebrate this first step in your journey.


The hard work now begins, and we will hold your hand while we guide you. We will start by identifying the severity of your addition. We use the DSM 5 to determine the severity of your addiction. If you score between 2 and 3, you have a mild disorder; if you score between four and five, you have a moderate disorder, and more than 6 indicate a severe substance abuse disorder. Based on your score, we will determine the perfect treatment program for you. Take our hand on your journey to a new you!