Phillip Seymour Hoffman Did Not Have Choice or Free Will and Neither Do You*

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*Disclaimer: This blog was written not by me, but (coincidentally) by another Debbie Bayer. I found it so profound that I had to share. —Debbie Bayer, LMFT By Debbie Bayer, MA In the wake of the tragic loss of Phillip [sic] Seymour Hoffman, a great artist, partner, father, brother, and son, I offer the following […]

Al-Anon Can Help Alcoholic Families!

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Al-Anon / Alateen – Help and Hope for Family Members of Alcoholics Family members need to realize that they did not cause the addiction. They also need to allow professionals to help the addict. Alcoholism and Drug addiction are a brain-based disease. If your family member was doing crazy things that seemed out of character […]

Is It “Just Pot”?

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Is It Just “Pot” I am on the mailing list for a treatment center in Canada called Edgewood. I have had the pleasure of visiting the facility and have referral several people who were happy to have been treated there. Here is some of the article: Our experience at Edgewood suggests the general public, those […]

Your Brain on Drugs

It is important to understand that addiction is a problem with brain functioning. Addict/Alcoholic’s do terrible things but the are almost never terrible people. Once the person gets off the drugs and in recovery you start to see the real person emerge. It takes several months for the brain to heal. The addicted individual needs […]