If you or someone that you love is struggling with addiction in Washington, it might have been suggested that you see a certified addiction counselor. But what does that mean, and what is the benefit of seeing a certified addiction counselor?

What Is A Certified Addiction Counselor In Washington?

A certified addiction counselor is also called a substance abuse counselor. These counselors assist individuals on their road to recovery from substance abuse. A certified addiction counselor will work with the patient and the family to provide a holistic support network for the whole family.

Looking At Sage Counseling And Coaching

If we look at Sage Counseling and Coaching, located in Washington, specifically, you will see that Debbie earned her Certification in Substance Abuse Counseling in 1995. She provides respectful and focused therapy to individuals and their families that struggle with addiction.


What Is The Benefit Of Seeing A Certified Addiction Counselor?

To be a certified addiction counselor takes time, dedication, and hard work. You should feel comfortable with the counselor that assists you through this difficult journey. With the right knowledge and skills, these professionals can make an enormous difference in your lives and your family.

During the course of their studies, these counselors gain the following skills that will provide benefit to you.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are essential when it comes to assisting you with your addiction. The counselor has the ability to gain your trust and to make you feel safe. Without this trust and feeling of safety, there is no way that you would work with this person on your road to recovery.

Communication Skills

Communication is the key to success when it comes to counseling. Certified Addiction Counselor is taught how to effectively communicate with you and your family. Without communication and clear instructions on your road to recovery, it might turn into a failed attempt.

Listening Skills

The skill that goes hand in hand with communication is the ability to listen. These counselors are taught how to listen. They can hear what you have to say and respond accordingly. They do hear what they want to hear; they will pause and listen to you and your unique situation.


Research Skills

With technology, the amount of information available to all of us is insane. But these counselors can research the latest trends and analyze the data from the research. This data can be changed into new theories that can be implemented in daily life.

Analytical Skills

Through education and experience, the counselors have learned how to analyze their patients. Using the aforementioned skills, counselors can let their patients feel comfortable enough to talk to them. By listening to the patients, the counselors can identify specific behavioral patterns and rectify any problems.

It might be a mouthful, but if you are looking for assistance with substance abuse/addiction, we urge you to speak to a counselor near you. Take the first step to recovery.